WTF is Transmogrify?!?!

Wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to contribute to this weeks photo challenge because a) I had no idea was Transmogrify was and b) when I found out, I wasn’t sure what to post.. that was until I was walking to work today…

The Oxford Dictionary’s definition of “Transmogrify” is to ‘Transform in a surprising or magical manner’, well what is more magical than a catapillar transforming into a butterfly.

No, I don’t have a photo of that happening but I do have this photo of a butterfly that I happened to capture today – by pure fluke. I was just walking along the footpath towards work, listening to my music and running my hand through the raised flower bed (yes a very magical moment in itself), when I came across this little creature…

I love butterflies, always have but even more so after my dad died. I remember there just seemed to be an influx of butterflies around the time he passed away so now it seems that every time I’m have a bad day or just need a ‘pick me up’.. I come across a butterfly..

So thanks dad, for making an appearance today – I’m not having a bad day but I did need some motivation, and you’ve given me that by just being there – like you always have been 🙂

via Photo Challenge: Transmogrify

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