Jacaranda Hunting

Although not native to Australia – they were apparently introduced from Brazil by some guy way back in the day – Jacaranda Season is a favourite around these here parts.

New Farm Park

With the trees coming in to bloom around October each year, Brisbane explodes into pockets of purple – making for a very colourful city. There are heaps of spots around the city that have the best trees – check out this article by my Instagram mate Lee for some inspiration if you’re in Brisbane around this time of year.

I’ve been wanting to get out for about a week to go Jacaranda Hunting in places that are easily accessible by public transport (ah the joys of not owning a car), but I’ve been sick for over a week now and it’s been taking all my energy to just get up and go to work. However today, I got inspired and left work a little earlier, jumped on a bus to the city, jumped on another bus and ended up at New Farm Park – where some of the oldest of Brisbane’s Jacaranda trees reside.

Little tip – if you want to go to New Farm Park, go during the week if you can. Weekends get crazy busy as there are sports grounds, bbq areas and often markets at the nearby Powerhouse. Monday afternoon at New Farm Park was pretty cruisy.. a few people milling around – some young folk playing frisbee & kicking a ball around, people running or walking their dogs and of course me.. taking copious amounts of photos, andΒ I’m going to share some of them with you now.. oh and I should mention.. all photos were taken on my phone – Samsung Galaxy S7

New Farm Park New Farm Park
New Farm Park New Farm Park
New Farm Park New Farm Park
New Farm Park


    • You’re welcome! Brisbane is quite green city throughout the year. We don’t even get the autumn colours other places in Aussie do.. so its nice to have this sprinkling of colour each year 😊

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