Promises, Promises

The only person I’m letting down is myself.

After the debacle, if I can call it that, of last year’s European Jaunt, I was very disillusioned with the whole travel scene. Everyone else seemed happy in their travels; people were making plans to quit their jobs, sell everything and travel the world for whatever number of years.

And where was I? Well I was sitting in my room moping because my awesome trip that I had spent over 12 months planning, was pretty much ruined within hours of arriving – not bitter.. much. What happened is irrelevant now but it set the tone of the rest of the very long 4 weeks I was away.

I didn’t love Chester, England but I did love their Cathedral – especially the central garden .. once I worked out how to enter it!

I came back from that trip in September and didn’t actually post anything on here until December .. nothing, nada. The post I made in July was full of the promises of the upcoming trip. Compare that to the post in December, that was about the crappy reality of travelling.

In fact I’ve only written about 3 of the 9 cities I visited: Edinburgh, Bruges & Cologne. I’m sure I’ll get around to posting something about the other places I visited.. waiting for inspiration to hit to be honest.

Hamburg, Germany – one of my favourite places & highlights of my trip. I just wish I had been here for longer than one day

This year I haven’t travelled much. I had 3 weeks at home in NZ (2 weeks in April & 1 week in September) and a long weekend in Sydney – that’s it, a total of 25 days away from Brisbane. That is all I’ve done this year – in contrast to last year when I went to Christchurch, Sydney, UK & Europe, Melbourne and Christchurch again (around 53 days of travelling).

I know… poor me right?

The point I’m trying to make, very badly, is that for a ‘travel blog’ I don’t do a heck of a lot of actual travelling. Not like some people out there anyway. Not that I would want to do that kind of travelling but I should be doing something, right?

Or is it just enough to live off my previous travels and post blogs about the places I’ve been 2 or 3 years ago?

Oxford, UK
Oxford, England – from my first trip to the country back in 2010

Maybe I should never have started a travel blog.

Maybe it should have always just been a blog about my life – not that I have a very exciting life. Most of my weekends are used up with watching full seasons of whatever TV show has taken my fancy recently (currently Gilmore Girls if you’re wondering). Every now and then I’ll actually leave the house and do some exploring of where I live, though to be honest, Brisbane isn’t really all that exciting to explore!

So what does that mean for me and Kiwiontheloose?

Well, I’m going to carry on doing what I’m doing. I like writing. I like posting photos. I like discovering new blogs. I just need to work on what inspires me.

Oh and I do have a wee trip to England to look forward to – though it is still a very long 4 months away.

The ever changing face of London, England. Looking forward to heading back to that side of the world in February

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  1. don’t worry, write what you want! there are a lot of different travel blogs in blog land:) some travel all the time, some travel less, but if you write about your travels it’s a travel blog:)

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