My Constant Dilemma

Where to go next?  It is my constant Dilemma

I am the kind of person that if you find a good thing, don’t change it. I pretty much have the same meal every time I go to places like McDonalds or KFC.

The same can be said for my travels.

I seem to go back to the same places – with a few variations thrown in for good measure.

Obviously I go back to Christchurch a lot – it is my hometown and my mum still lives there (oh and a couple of my brothers). It’s hard to think of how I will treat Christchurch after mum goes, which is obviously something I really don’t want to think about. Will I go back as much as I do now – up to 3 times a year. Or will I finally decide that I need to spread my wings and give the North Island a go.

2004 (15)
My beloved Christchurch prior to the 2010/2011 earthquakes

When I first moved to Australia, pretty much every trip I had was back home to Christchurch. After my 2006 trip to Vietnam for a family wedding, it was another 4 years before I went further afield. My sister and I went to England – I think it was a pilgrimage of sorts. Our father had died two years previously and one of the places we went to was where his family had come from.

Clyst St George
The church at Clyst St George in Devon, where my father’s family comes from

That trip, more than any other, changed my life.

I had discovered my new favourite place in London and now when I think about going on holiday/vacation or whatever you want to call it, London is the first place I think of. Since then, I have been back to London twice and added more of the UK (and parts of Europe) to the itinerary each time.

The upside is that I am seeing more of the world than just our wee corner of it.

The downside is that it is WAY more expensive to travel to England.

Corfe Castle
You don’t see sights like this in New Zealand or Australia & so worth the money to get there

Every time I think about planning some kind of travel I think to myself that maybe I should go somewhere other than London this time. I even go so far as to plan an actual trip to somewhere different but when the push comes to shove – London wins out.

Houses of Parliament
I freaking love this city!

That’s not to say that I don’t want to go other places:

  • Cross Canada train journey
  • See more of Australia
  • Go back to the North Island in New Zealand
  • Go down  the eastern seaboard of the USA
  • See the castles of Germany

So my constant dilemma is where to go next? Do I stay with what I know and keep going back to England and using that as a starting point for my travels or do I keep it closer to home and see more of Australia & New Zealand – I mean how am I meant to sell my own country if I haven’t seen it all!

The 60 million year old Moeraki Boulders, found on New Zealand’s Otago Coast

There are so many places in the world that I could go so is it wrong of me to keep wanting to stay with the familiar? Or should I be pushing myself out of my comfort zone and going to places that will challenge me?


Brooklyn Bridge
I found NYC really confronting & quite overwhelming


I guess of all the dilemma’s I could have, this one isn’t so bad really.

Featured Photo: Nyhavn, Copenhagen

via Daily Prompt: Dilemma


  1. I know this dilemma well:) I kind of feel that there will always be time to explore my own country later, when I am older, when I get kids and so on:) try to visit other places apart from London occasionally:) sometimes I went somewhere because the plane ticket was cheap:) ( e.g.Oslo, however everything else was pretty expensive!:)


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