I Have A Cunning Plan.. Oh Wait, No I Don’t!?

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m big with the planning of travel. The worse thing about that is when things don’t go according to my plans, I go into panic mode.

This trip to England in February is causing me to have all sorts of conniptions.

First it was changing my original dates from spending Christmas/NYE in London to February so I could go to a play; then it was the flight debacleย & all that drama. Now it’s the actual play itself – it’s completely sold out for it’s 12 week run.

I know it was a long shot anyway and I probably shouldn’t have planned this whole thing around one 3 hour play but it is Hamlet so you know, what was I meant to do?

Now I am completely perplexed by the whole thing and overthinking the situation (perpetual state of mind for me), which is obviously not helping my sanity. ย I mean I know the trip that I had planned would be still pretty cool but now I just want to change everything again because I can’t go to this darn play.

Part of me wants to just give up on it all and part of me wants to be excited for what I am going to be doing.

Basically I have flights to London and out of Manchester and just over ย two weeks in-between… so now I’m thinking of doing a road trip instead of the train trips I had planned.

Even though I love travelling by train, having a car means that I can be more flexible about the route and where I stop. It also means I can spend more time visiting those gorgeous English villages and out of the way places you wouldn’t find if travelling by train.

So if I decide to go the road trip route, I can look forward to:

Corfe Castle
Views of the gorgeous English countryside
Corfe Castle
Small villages waiting to be visited
Castle Combe
Especially those quintessential English villages
Visitingย where my ancestors came from
Corfe Castle
Being able to explore historic ruins
Visiting ancient sites
Lulworth Castle
And being able to stop and take photos like this

Have you got any tips on what places I should visit in England on this road trip?

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  1. Roadtrip. It’s the route less travelled. It allows you to stop and smell the roses and that being said, it means that you get to visit villages, ancient ruins, and the countryside. Road trips are the best to travel. You go to places that you may not have ever seen before.

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  2. I think it depends on where you plan on going in England. Some of the main British roads have major roadworks going on and delays and tailbacks aplenty.I live in Scotland and recently had a hassle free trip to London by train which would have taken double the time in a car. Friends travelled from near Glasgow (Scotland) down to Cornwall and were stuck around Birmingham for hours. Another idea is to choose a couple of bases and hire a car from those places to visit cute places. Bus day trips could be another idea. Have a lovely time!

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