Discovering New Zealand – Timaru

As you all know by now, I like travel. I like talking about travel, I like planning travel, I like blogging about travel – which is kind of handy when you are a travel blogger, I guess. Well, I have recently decided that I would adopt a similar tactic in New Zealand that I have with the UK.

What I tend to do in the UK is go to London each time I visit but then go to different places too. I’ve been 3 times so far and each time I’ve added more “I’ve been there” places and my next trip is no different.

So what I thought I would start doing, is each time I go home to Christchurch I am going to try to visit a different place – whether it be somewhere I haven’t been for a very long time like Dunedin or Wellington; or somewhere I have never been before like Napier or the Bay of Islands.

Obviously the South Island is going to fare well out of this new direction since Christchurch is pretty much the gateway to the island but I am going to start looking for cheap fares to North Island centres and start knocking more places off my New Zealand Bucket List (which I haven’t technically written yet but will get around to it at some point).

So, I was just home for my mum’s birthday (I won’t tell you how old she is coz she will probably read this and not be very happy that I told everyone) and even though I was only there for a few days, I incorporated a road trip to Timaru and roped a friend in for good measure.

Timaru sits on the East Coast of the South Island about halfway between Christchurch and Dunedin, around a 2 & half hour drive from both cities. It was the birthplace of the famous 1930’s racehorse Phar Lap (although Australians will probably try to claim them as their own, like they do with most Kiwi things); early plane inventor Richard Pearse and it also has some pretty cool architecture from the 19th & early 20th centuries.

My friend & I headed down to Timaru for the day, stopping for lunch at the very cool The Shearer’s Quarters just outside Timaru – do yourself a favour, if you are in the area, go check out their mini golf course.. it is just brilliantly done.

It was meant to be a quite crappy day to be honest, the weather forecast was for blustery Southeries and snow to 200 metres. Luckily we didn’t get that .. until later! So our trip, whilst very windy & a bit cold, was for the most part, quite nice.

So here are some photos of my road trip to Timaru:

The Shearer’s Quarters

Not only serving great food and having wonderful customer service, The Shearer’s Quarters also boasts a cool kids playground; giant chess set; a couple of alpacas; a gift shop; and the coolest mini golf course I think I’ve ever seen. It’s a real photographers paradise.

Shearer's Quarters
Room with a view at The Shearer’s Quarters
Shearer's Quarters
Say hello to my little friend
Shearer's Quarters
Such a cool setting. We were there on a cold, blustery spring day but apparently in the summer, this place is buzzing & it’s not hard to see why. Such a cool place to hang out
Shearer's Quarters
Hole One of the very cool, farm orientated mini golf course – it’s a tourist attraction in its own right I think
Shearer's Quarters
The Dairy – complete with.. well… dairy equipment! 
Shearer's Quarters
My friend & I tried to better each other with this shot.. it was quite funny but it’s also a really cool shot


I can’t even remember the last time I went to Timaru. It would have to be at least 10 years ago and I didn’t even really stop. Even though only a couple of hours didn’t really give my friend & I time to explore a lot, we saw some pretty cool things.

This very cool sculpture is called the ‘Face of Peace’ & is in the Caroline Bay Park
This is the Caroline Bay War Memorial. The giant map on the ground has numbers in specific World War I locations and the plaques give more information about those areas.
Loved the old buildings in Timaru
Who doesn’t love a good ghost sign? This building is from around the 1860’s.. which is considered old in New Zealand
This building was one of the reasons I wanted to go to Timaru. I had seen a photo of it in a book and really wanted to see it for myself.
Very cool contrast of buildings
The old Landing Services building next to the Bus Station, was built-in the 1870’s and now houses the Timaru Information Centre
Phar Lap
The famous Phar Lap. Might have been trained & raced in Australia but he was foaled in New Zealand in 1926. He went on to win a number of prestigious races, including the very famous Melbourne Cup in 1930
Cool Sign
Found this very cool sign at the Bus Station Cafe & thought it would end this photo essay nicely  🙂


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