Brisbane – The City I Live In

Every now & then the urge to something hits me. Sometimes I can quash it but other times the urge will be too strong and I have to obey it.

That being said, I did try to get out of it yesterday afternoon when ‘the urge’ hit me, but my friend encouraged me to just go with it, so after work I got on the bus and headed into the city.

Note: I live & work in the suburbs of Brisbane, Australia so when I say I headed into the city, I actually did go in to the central city. Whilst where I live & work is not actually that far from the city, it can seem like such an effort to go in especially on a Friday after work when all you want to do is go home and veg.

Anyhoo.. I did go into the city and I was armed with my trusty camera, so without further ado here are some photos from last night adventure.

So it’s currently winter here in Brisbane. That being said, we don’t ‘winter’ like other places – hence the deck chairs 
I’d been past this area on the bus a couple of times and noticed these cool coloured seats
Second time this week I’ve had a #NYC in #Brisbane moment. The first one was NYC cabs in the streets of Brisbane thanks to the filming of Thor… or maybe it’s just a sign I should go back to NYC  🙂
These cool painted boxes around the city are actually Brisbane’s traffic signal boxes – each one is painted by a local artist & you can submit artwork to the Brisbane City Council in the hope of being displayed on the streets of Brisbane
Ooh shiny! I love these buildings
A lot of people stop to take photos of this view.. The Storey Bridge is also lit up at night with different colours depending what’s happening in the city
Not just for show, the Kookaburra Queen paddle steamer is available for lunch & dinner cruises. I was lucky enough to go for dinner a few years back and it is a real treat being transported up the Brisbane River on this beauty. The little blue ferry is one of a number of CityCats ferries transporting commuters & visitors up and down the Brisbane River
This is another one of the CItyCats. This one goes further than the ferry in the previous photo. One of my favourite things is actually to jump on one of these on the weekend and just go up & down the river. Maybe getting off at New Farm Park or at the University of Queensland campus to check out their amazing main building
I just loved this photo! 
You can follow the Brisbane River on foot by walking along the path that follows the river from New Farm Park right around to Coronation Drive. This is popular with runners, cyclist & walkers. Or you can sit at a Riverside pub and watch others do all the hard work 
Gorgeous late winter afternoon in Brisbane
I really do love these viewers 


  1. Great pictures! Last year I was in Australia for 4 weeks. I´m sorry, I did not visited Brisbane, it looks amazing. I like the shiny buildings and the River.
    Sunny Greetings from Germany

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s taken me a long time to appreciate the city I live in since I wasn’t born here but the river and riverside areas are pretty cool.. even nicer at night 🙂


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