I’m Not The Same

One of my favourite quotes: “I’m not the same having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world” (Mary Anne Radmacher) is as true today as ever.

Every trip I do defines who I am as a person and I’ve learned a lot over the years with the travel I have done.

  • I’ve learned that history plays a large part in my travels
  • I’ve learned that I appreciate some types architecture more than others
  • I’ve learned that I would rather pay more to go on a small group tour of 16 than save money and go on a bus tour with 50 other people
  • I’ve learned that I’m really not a beach person
  • I’ve learned that home (Christchurch) really is where the heart is
  • I’ve learned that no matter how far I travel, my problems will still be waiting for me
  • I’ve learned I’m not a backpacker and will probably always have checked luggage when travelling further than Australia & New Zealand
  • I’ve learned to read things twice, three times, four times to make sure that the information on my itinerary is correct
  • I’ve learned how to go through airport security with a minimum of fuss
  • I’ve learned that not everyone is going to like the same places
  • I’ve learned that it can get lonely on the road
  • I’ve learned that using shampoo to wash clothes in the shower is perfectly acceptable
  • I’ve learned that expectations can be broken in a second
  • I’ve learned that I quite like train travel
  • I’ve learned that airports are great for people watching
  • I’ve learned that I take way too many photos but I’ll probably never stop
  • I’ve learned that not everything is going to work out the way they’ve been planned
  • I’ve learned that patience really is a virtue (I’m more patience when I travel than I am in my every day life)
  • I’ve learned that it is ok to have a ‘day off’ when travelling
  • I’ve learned that my travel style is not the same as others and that’s ok
  • I’ve learned that I’m not going to like every place I visit
  • I’ve learned to be unapologetic in my love of hop on hop off buses
  • I’ve learned that London is my favourite city by far
  • I’ve learned that it is possible to tick off bucket list items
  • I’ve learned that I am very proud to be a Kiwi

There are just some of the things that I’ve learned but the thing with travelling that you you never stop learning, not just about other cultures & countries but also about yourself.

via Daily Prompt: Moon

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