A State of Perpetual Confusion

Travel can be confusing. You have to choose when to go; how long to go for; where to stay; what to see. The list goes on.

So, how do you choose?

Oxford, UK
Stunning Oxford

I’ve always had a pretty good idea of where I want to travel to. I’ve never been one of those people who want to quit their job & just to go off and backpack to every nation in the world (as tempting as that may be sometimes).

It might be narrow-minded. It might not be stretching my comfort zone too much. I might even be taking the easy way out. But the place I want to visit above all others is the UK & Ireland.

Seeing the Forth Rail Bridge was on my bucket list for a long time

Seems easy, right? Travelling to the ‘motherland’ where the way of life is not so far removed from my own upbringing. Growing up in New Zealand, I was influenced a lot by the British way of life – whether it be the sitcoms my dad use to watch or the London-set chick lit books that I read.

Houses of Parliament
No words can explain how much I love this city

But in reality, there are so many places in the UK & Ireland that a person can go. So many things to see and do. How to decide these things can be quite confusing.

So how do I decide?

Well, I usually start with London (any trip to that part of the world will always include London!). Then I try to decide where else in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland & Ireland that I really want to go.

That famous pile of rocks in England

People might think that the UK & Ireland are easy to travel around because it’s such a small area. However that couldn’t be further from the truth. There is so much to see that it can take a lot of planning (there’s that dread word again!).

I’m in the midst of planning a trip for 2019 – yes.. I did say 2019! And it’s going to be epic! I had originally planned on about 5 weeks but once I plugged in all that I really want to do (including the Caledonian Sleeper out of London; the Jacobite steam train in Scotland; ferry from Wales to Dublin & a driving tour of Ireland); it is now looking at around 7-8 weeks instead.

Greenwich, one of my most favourite places in the world

But with planning a trip like this comes the inevitable questions:

Where to stay?
– close to the centre of town & pay more but less transport costs
– further from the centre of town & pay less but more transport costs
– does it have parking
– does it have free WiFi (pretty important in this day & age of social media dependency)
– does it have kitchen facilities (always handy if trying to save money when travelling)
– is it close to transport

22 Chester Street, Edinburgh located close to transport & other amenities, plus had free wifi!

When to go?
– winter, spring, summer or autumn – each season offers something different

Edinburgh Tattoo
The awesome Edinburgh Tattoo is held at Edinburgh Castle for about 3 weeks each August

How to get around?
– drive, train, bus, walk

Lulworth Castle
Driving around the English countryside was a special experience

What to do?
– each region you go to in the UK & Ireland has a different appeal to different people

Castle Combe
Castle Combe, Cotswolds – even on a drizzly ‘summers’ day, it was gorgeous

What makes you go to the destinations you travel to?
Do you have a bucket list you are crossing off?
Did you see a film or watch TV show set somewhere & decide to visit a place because of it?
How do you decide where to go & when?

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