Reaching Perfection

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I’m not a photographer but I do take photos (some would say too many photos!) and I took a photo recently that I really love. It’s one of those flukey moments that just happened and now I can’t stop showing it off to people.

I didn’t even plan to take the photo, it was just one of those spur of the moment things.

I have been neglecting my camera of late because my Samsung Galaxy S7 has a brilliant camera, so I’ve been using that since purchasing it. But something told me to take my camera with me that Saturday night and as I stood in front of the carousel, I knew why.

I reached into my bag, grabbed my camera and took this shot:

Carousel Love

I didn’t even know what I had until I got home a couple of hours later & was looking through my photos from the night. I was getting a little disheartened because I had taken a lot of photos but they weren’t brilliant.

Then I saw that photo.

That photo made up for the fact that:

  • I was tired after having been up since 7am that morning
  • Having worked for 5 hours
  • Spent a couple of hours at Ekka* before dropping my phone & breaking the screen (you can slight see it at the top right of the phone)
  • Going into the city to get groceries
  • Getting the bus home with the groceries
  • Deciding I was too tired to go back to Ekka
  • Deciding 10 minutes before the bus was due to, in fact, go back to Ekka
  • Getting locked into the arena for the fireworks
  • Having to walk down the other end of the arena just so I could go outside said arena to turn around and go back the way I just came!
  • Taking 30 minutes to get from the arena to the bus station, which normally would take around 5-10 minutes
  • Just getting to the bus station in time for the bus & not having to wait another hour for the next one

*Ekka is Brisbane’s Royal Show where there are rides, strawberry ice cream, cattle showing, lumber jacks & fireworks. The Ekka is on the 2nd week of August each year, lasting for around 10 days.

It’s not often that I am this happy with a photo I take but to me this photo is perfect. There is nothing I would change about it.


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