Obsessed With Being Obsessed

I have an obsessive personality and when I get obsessed with something, I live & breathe it until I am completely sick of it.

Like the time last year that I decided that I liked One Direction. Yes it’s true.. a 42 year old obsession with a boy band!

Mind you, my obsession with boy bands isn’tย new, I mean Wham! But I became so obsessed with this band of kids half my age that I bought every one of their albums, and eagerly awaited the new one that was released late last year, playing it non stop for days when it was finally released. I watched their movies, ok so I bought their movies on iTunes and can still watch them whenever I want. I also followed update accounts on Twitter because I wanted to know everything that was happening all the time.

I was basically relieving my teenage years but this time with modern technology enabling me.

Told you.. obsessed!ย 

Yes, I was gutted when they went on hiatus. I did briefly wonder if it was my fault. I mean I was a fan for less than a month before they announced it, so I do kind of feel responsible.. sorry One Direction fans. And yes, I was upset when Harry cut his hair.. he’s just not ‘Harry Styles’ anymore

The point is, it happens all the time and sometimes it’s sad and I shouldn’t admit to some obsessions, like the one above, but one obsession I’be had for years and one that doesn’t look like it is going anywhere is travel planning.

I’m pretty good at travel planning too, even if I do say so myself. I’ve had people say to me that I should be in the travel industry. I was briefly but then I moved countries and things didn’t quick work out that way. The other problem with that scenario is that I would be planning other people’s travel… I don’t want to do that! I want to plan my own travel.

My most prized possession

I don’t know how many trips I’ve planned over the years. It’s been a lot. I haven’t been on all those trips though. Some just didn’t work out for whatever reason – finances; timing; those are the things that usually stop me from going on a trip. But some have happened and all the hours working and reworking an itinerary have paid off and I have come back with thousands of photos (another thing I’m obsessed with!), an empty bank account and memories that will last a life time.

Currently I have about 4 trips in the planning mode – England in February 2017 (definitely happening – airfares purchased etc); London/Paris for Christmas/NYE 2017; Canada & USA in around September 2018; the UK & Ireland October/November 2019. I am also trying to work out what I want to do for my 50th birthday in 2022 – options are either travelling up from Capetown to Jordan or an Antarctic Cruise .. slightly different plansย there.

Where do you want to go? #dreamdestinations

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I love the research of travel planning. I love discovering about new places that I want to see. I love finding out about things I can see and how I can get there.. FYI.. my new obsession is train travel.

There is a saying “it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey” well for me travel planning is half the fun and a big part of my journey to that final destination (or destinations!).

Will I ever stop? Who knows but I do know that right now my obsession with travel planning is alive and well.

My obsession with One Direction? Well that has waned somewhat, I still have their songs on my iPod but I have unfollowed most of the Twitter accounts I was following and haven’t watched their movies since last year. I think I might have lost my Directioner membership card (no not a real one :D).

Are you an obsessive person?
What do you get obsessed with?



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