June’s IG Travel Challenge is all about Street Art.

I love street art and it is no longer just about hooligans tagging bare walls. Street art artists are just that, ‘artists’! They create some of the most incredible pieces of art, it’s just that their canvas is brick & mortar.

I’ve previously checked out some street art in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Christchurch but I’d love to go and see some of the amazing street art they have in East London next time I’m over that way. I also know that Dunedin in New Zealand is encouraging artists to come and paint their walls.

Here are some of the art that I’ve found in my travels:


The Valley

There are smatterings of street art around The Valley, including TRYP,  a very cool hotel that has graffiti throughout it’s rooms and the equably cool Chur Burger bar underneath.

Brisbane Brisbane


Hosier Lane

Melbourne is renown for it’s street art and has a few lane ways in the city dedicated to this expression of art. Most well known of these lanes is Hosier Lane, directly opposite Federation Square. Pretty much every part of the lane is covered in some sort of graffiti, right down to the rubbish bins.

Street Art Street Art
Street Art

Union Lane

Another well known spot for graffiti is Union Lane, which can be accessed from Bourke Street Mall. For me Union Lane feels a bit more grittier than Hosier Lane. The artwork doesn’t seem to be as structured but it still works very well.

Street Art
Street Art Melbourne


May Lane

May Lane is located right next to the St Peter’s train station, only a few stops from Central Station. You literally walk up the stairs at the train station, turn right and you are pretty much surrounded by street art. There are a couple of lanes here that are covered in street art, and one thing I loved was that some of the residents got on board the initiative by having their garages painted.

Sydney Street Art Sydney Street Art
Sydney Street Art

Sydney University Graffiti Tunnel

There is actually a place at Sydney University that is called the graffiti tunnel. The university is a quick bus ride from Central’s Railway Square. What I loved about this place was not only that there was a whole tunnel at a university dedicated to graffiti (some of it political in nature), but you turn a corner and there was this amazing great neo-Gothic sandstone building with an incredible quadrangle. It was like two worlds colliding. Little tip, I went on a Saturday when I knew there wouldn’t be too many students using the thoroughfare.

Sydney Street Art
Sydney Street Art Sydney Street Art


City Streets

Honestly a few years ago I never would have thought Christchurch would become synonymous with street art but since the earthquakes in 2011, the city has welcomed artists from around the world to come and colour the city, using the city’s bare/exposed walls to create incredible pieces of artwork.

Christchurch 291215 (6)
291215 (9)


The YMCA, in partnership with the Oi You urban art festival has jumped on board the street art initiative and has hosted the amazing SPECTRUM Festival at their central Hereford Street location, a couple of times, which really showcases the amazing talent of these artists from New Zealand and around the world.


Do you have a favourite place to see street art?


  1. OMG, that hummingbird is AMAZING!!!!!!! I would have never thought that Oz has so much great street art to offer. It seems so far away and expensive, but maybe it would be worth a visit if I’m able to see street art like this! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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  2. There are definitely some cool places in Australia & New Zealand to see some amazing street art. It use to be just Melbourne that had the market but more and more places are moving away from the stigma surrounding graffiti to actual art.


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