Random Friday Post – Podcast Plug

I don’t listen to a lot of podcasts, ok so I only listen to one – but that’s not the only reason why it’s my favourite. Today I’m going to share with you my favourite podcast and 5 reasons why I love it.

The podcast that is The Bowery Boys: New York City History


Five Reasons Why I Love The Bowery Boys

They hold my interest

And that is saying something. I have been listening to Greg & Tom since roughly around 2008 and believe me, if something has held my attention for that long then it’s gonna be good! I don’t listen to a lot of audio recordings, I’m not really a huge fan of that medium and I have tried to listen to other podcasts over the years but The Bowery Boys have a way of making their topics interesting and informative and therefore keeps me coming back for more.

They inspire me to visit NYC

I had wanted to visit NYC initially because of the TV show Friends, but my interest was really peaked when I started listening to The Bowery Boys. Although my first time in NYC wasn’t perfect, I still got a few thrills when I recognised places that the guys had spoken about on the show. One highlight was actually seeing Alexander Hamilton’s grave at Trinity Church. They also have very cool walking tours of Washington Square Park and the High Line.

They know their stuff

Before I started listening to this podcast, I never really thought of NYC as having that deep a history but Greg & Tom delve deep into the stories that make NYC what it is today. They talk about when NYC was known as New Amsterdam and ruled by the Dutch. They talk about the American Civil War and the impact it had on the city. One of their favourite topics is Robert Moses, the man responsible for much of the urban development of NYC. They’ve been going for 9 years now and don’t seem to be running out of topics about NYC History any time soon.

They are very personable guys

What I really love is that when I’m listening to Greg & Tom, I feel like I’m sitting with a couple of mates listening to them chat about really cool & interesting stuff. They have a passion for this subject and it really comes across when they talk. You know that question ‘Name 10 people you’d love to have at a dinner party?’, well I’d definitely have Greg & Tom on my list of people 🙂 They have fun in their podcasts and even have an annual Halloween special, talking about all things scary in NYC.

They appeal to everyone

You don’t have to be from NYC or living in NYC to listen to and enjoy The Bowery Boys. Greg & Tom have listeners from all over the world. Anyone who finds history interesting will enjoy listening to this podcast. I actually want them to move to London so they can do a London history podcast! They don’t just stick to the norm – they haven’t even done a podcast about the Empire State Building yet! But the lads find interest in the quirky and not so well known stories of NYC and balance it really well with topics that you would expect to hear, like their podcast about the Brooklyn Bridge.

One of my most favourite views in the world & one of my most favourite photos 😊

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Want to know more?

Well check out The Bowery Boys for yourself at their website or on Facebook or check out their interview with Warby Parker

Oh and they have a book coming out real soon! I need to get around to ordering my copy.

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