Random Friday Post – Souvenirs

Who doesn’t love a good souvenir? 

I don’t actually by too many souvenirs but I do try to find at least one from each place I travel to display on my desk at work. I guess it’s my way of keeping the memories fresh in my mind of my travels; whether it be the first time I went to London or an eagle that looked like the one I saw in Alaska.

There are some quirky, weird souvenirs out there but I tend to go for the small, standard ones that are easy to travel with & don’t take up too much space. Here are some that I have sitting on my desk at work:

Love the windmill magnet, it actually does spin around


No, I can’t pronounce the place name


Stonehenge Rocks.. do you get it


This snow globe is from Bruges & I got it because it is a Crusader.. The Crusaders happen to be a rugby team in New Zealand – my favourite rugby team in fact


An inuksuk from Canada


I do love me some bagpipes!


Majestic Alaskan eagle


Hawaiian hula girl


As NYC iconic as it gets


I do, in fact, Love London


My nickname in the UK’s Union flag & one of my first London souvenirs

What souvenirs do you collect?
Do you have a special place for them?
What’s your favourite souvenir?





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