Random Friday Afternoon Post

Random fact about me, I love questionnaires. Maybe because I like talking about myself or maybe I just like filling in things. I found this one on a website (can’t remember which one now) and thought I would fill it in for you all to know a little more about me:

My Travel Motto is – “Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before” Dalai Lama

My Travel Style is – to discover cool architecture, whether modern or historic

The historic Tower of London with the just as iconic , more modern Gherkin

Where to nextquickie weekend to Sydney

I never leave home without – a camera

Favorite Travel companions – I like to mostly travel alone but meet up with friends/family along the way

The best thing about traveling with family – they know me and know when to leave me alone!

Minibar weakness – soda

Number of countries I’ve visited – around 15

I want to go back toI would love to go back to Hamburg

Gorgeous Hamburg

My idea of a grand adventure is – a road trip with lots of stops to interesting places along the way

Shopping tips – buy something you will actually use! I have started getting canvas bags from my destinations, very handy things

Favorite accessory – a scarf and my over the shoulder bag

Places that most surprised me – Copenhagen. I was prepared not to like the city but I really enjoyed my time in Copenhagen

The very colourful Nyhavn in Copenhagen

My go-to getaway – Christchurch. I always feel refreshed after being at home, even if it’s just the weekend

The hallmark of a great trip isnot having any regrets at the end

How many pieces of luggage I check is – just one, I also have a backpack I take onboard with me

If I could go somewhere by myself I would go – to the top of a mountain or a secluded island so I felt like I was the only person on the planet

On top of the world at Whistler

In my suitcase you’d be surprised to find – portable scale to weigh my bag/s

My favorite thing to do on a cruise – watching the nightly entertainment and getting off the boat at each shore destination

Why I love what I do – I feel like travel has opened my mind to so much and that I have learned a lot about myself in the process

NYC (5)
On the top of a HoHo bus in NYC, on a cool November afternoon

The most unique thing I did on a trip wasgo to a tiny, tiny little village in the north of Devon with the same name as my surname

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