All Roads Lead To…. Lulworth Castle

It was a comedy of errors that led my sister & I to Lulworth Castle in Dorset on our drive from Exeter to Christchurch in the South of England in 2010.

Lulworth Castle
Lulworth Estate

We had been in England for just over two weeks and had spent 10 days in London before heading to Exeter for 8 days and spent our time on several day trips. We were driving back to London via Christchurch, near Bournemouth, before heading to Paris to end our 3 week trip.

Lulworth Castle
The amazing English countryside

Driving though England can be dangerous. There is always a little village or remote ruins that will distract you. We had left Exeter, or more precisely the awesome Blue Ball Inn just outside Exeter, on a mid-November morning in 2010.

As we were driving down a road there was a sign for the turn off to Lulworth Castle. I asked my sister if we should go. We weren’t in a rush to get to our destination that night so had plenty of time to check out some local sights.

By the time my sister had answered, it was too late. We had flown past the turn off. We didn’t really mind too much and kept on driving.

Another sign for Lulworth Castle turn off appeared. I asked my sister the same question and before we could decide, we had gone past the turn off.. again.

The third time we saw the turn off, we both agreed that someone or something was trying to tell us that we really needed to go to this place.

So we turned at the next turn off and headed down another English country road.

What we didn’t know is that the road we had chosen to drive down was smack bang in the middle of a military firing range until my sister noticed one of the signs on a fence. Basically it said not to leave your vehicle, at any time. Ok then.

We eventually got to Lulworth Estate, parked and head over to check out the Estate, Church and of course Lulworth Castle itself.

Lulworth Castle
The entrance to Lulworth Estate

I fell in love immediately with Lulworth Castle. It is a gorgeous building built around the early 1600’s and is very symmetrical in design, something which really attracts me to architecture. The building has seen a lot of history but sadly in 1929 there was a fire which gutted the interior of the building. The Lulworth Estate is working towards restoring the building back to it’s former glory. The estate often has events over school holidays and other holidays such as Easter so it’s worth checking out their website for further information.

Lulworth Castle
The stunning Lulworth Castle

The estate grounds are vast, covering over 12,000 acres, so there is a lot of places to explore. There is also a church and a chapel on the grounds. If you so desire, you could contact the Estate for venue hire.

Lulworth Castle
Signpost at the Castle

I really enjoyed wandering around the Castle and Estate, plus luckily it was a gorgeous day which definitely make it a great day overall. After our spontaneous detour to Lulworth, we headed back on the road to our next destination, Corfe Castle, another stunning place to visit.

So remember when I told you that we had to go down a road where they have military firing range? Well as we headed towards Corfe Castle, we noticed that there was a police presence stopping traffic from going in the direction we had just driven from. As we were driving there was an almighty boom.

As my sister and I were not use to such noise, we may or may not have let out a bit of a squeal just as we went passed the policewoman who was directing traffic. The windows in the car may or may not have been down and the policewoman, upon hearing us squeal, may or may not have laughed.

It’s definitely a memory that my sister & I still laugh about today.

Some more photos from our time at Lulworth Estate:

Lulworth Castle
Amazing views from the top of the castle
Lulworth Castle
Looking out from the top of the steps at the entrance
Lulworth Castle
My sister on the stops of the castle. Can you spot her?
Lulworth Castle
You can see down to Lulworth Cove from the grounds
Lulworth Castle
Leading up to the church
Lulworth Castle  Lulworth CastleLulworth Castle Lulworth Castle
Lulworth Castle
Damage inside the castle, due to the fire in 1929, was extensive
Lulworth Castle
Doorways to nowhere
Lulworth Castle
One last look

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