On The Road Again*

When I think of the perfect road trip I think Route 66, red Mustang convertible, wind blowing through my hair, and some good ole classic rock blasting from the stereo, but what is the reality?

Well my author friend, Belinda, and I will be finding out shortly as we embark on a seven day road trip from Edinburgh to London via a few places along the way. Only we’ll have no GPS, a Ford Focus with air con and me singing One Direction songs at the top of my voice.

Here’s what we’re going to get up to:

Day One: We’ll be leaving Edinburgh early in the morning and making the long drive to Chester. We don’t really have a plan on where we’re going to be stopping but I’m hoping that Blackpool is on the list. Yes I’m being serious! Living in the colonies, I grew up learning about the English holidaying at places like Blackpool – probably has something to do with watching Hi De Hi with my dad when I was younger.

We’ll be staying the night in Chester at a pub just inside the city walls, called The Pied Bull. We chose The Pied Bull for our accommodation simply because of the look of the bar. I could just imagine Belinda and I sitting in this amazing setting after a long day of driving and enjoying a pint or two.

I think I might have to give a pint of Gullabull a go. Photo credit: The Pied Bull

Day Two: Another huge day of driving is ahead as we make our way down to Cardiff. On the way we’ll be going via a giant aqueduct built in the early 1800’s, the longest place name in Wales, a castle where Princes are crowned and a town made famous by a literary festival.

Plotting this trip out on Google maps, it is going to take us around 7 hours without stopping. With the places we’re visiting, Belinda reckons it might take us about 14 hours to do the actual trip so it’s lucky that we have the next three nights in Cardiff to recover!

The mammoth drive from Chester to Cardiff. Thankfully we have a couple of days to recoup in Cardiff before our next leg

Day Three – Day Four: We will be in Cardiff for the next two days – probably getting over the first two days of driving. Cardiff is kind of a mystery location for me. I’m not really sure what I want to do or see there. Obviously will be visiting Cardiff Castle but other than that, I am actually looking forward to going somewhere where I don’t have every minute planned – unlike pretty much every other place I am visiting on this trip.

Day Five: Heading out of Cardiff, we’ll be making the short trip to Castle Combe, often called‘the prettiest village in England’ and hopefully getting some good photos there. Then it is off to one of my favourite places, Bath. I am really looking forward to heading back to Bath – this was the place I learned two things about myself; 1) I love Georgian architecture, and 2) I really am a tourist even if I hate that word, it is also where I fell in love with the hop on hop off bus.

The other highlight of Day Five will be where we are staying. To say Belinda and I are excited is an understatement. We will be staying at Tracy Park Golf and Country Club. We’ve decided to splash out a little and get champers on arrival. Basically we are going to be acting like ladies – though what type of ‘ladies’ is up for debate.

The ladies of Little Britain. I’m not the one with the mustache! Photo Credit: Google Search

Day Six: Leaving the luxury of Tracy Park behind we head for our final overnighter of the trip, Southampton. We will be, however going via the ancient pile of rocks that locals call Stonehenge. It will be my 2nd time visiting this historic site, and although you can’t get up close & personal with the structure, it is still am imposing sight.

The first time I visited Stonehenge was in 2010 & I remember it well – especially the part where my sister screamed because she saw it as I was driving – I hadn’t noticed it at that point and was afraid we were about to crash! Photo credit: me

Day Seven: Our final day on the road sees us leaving Southampton early and making a quick stop in Winchester, no not because of the Winchester brothers in Supernatural! Then we are going to Horsell Common for Belinda’s dad – something to do with War of the Worlds, and Grease Junkie MoT for Belinda’s husband – he wants rubber gloves. I’ve learned not to ask questions! Our final stop of the road trip will be popping into Windsor Castle to get a cuppa with the Queen.

We end our road trip by dropping off the rental car at Heathrow before parting ways and heading to different parts of London for the next leg of our trips.

Windsor Castle
Stunning photo of Windsor Castle. Photo credit: Craig on Flickr


I have never been on road trip down Route 66, nor have I ever been in a red convertible with the wind blowing in my hair and I am not that big a fan of classic rock. I have, however, been in a Ford Focus with air con and I have been known to sing One Direction songs at the top of my voice – though usually in the privacy of my own home, with no one else around.

Road to Ontario
I fear this might be me after one too many 1D songs sung badly, or one too many 1D songs full stop! Photo credit: judy_and_ed on Flickr

*I am fully aware that the title of this blog is also the name of the current 1D tour,
but any reference is completely coincidental. Really it is 😉 *

Featured Photo Credit: José Cuervo Elorza on Flickr

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