Travel Planning: My European Jaunt

It was Benedict Cumberbatch’s decision to play Hamlet in London for 12 weeks from August 2015 that kickstarted my decision to head back to London this year. 

I was lucky enough to meet Benedict in Sydney in April 2014 (one year ago this weekend in fact) after he quickly became one of my favourite actors when I watched the BBC Sherlock TV show. When he announced he was playing Hamlet I knew I just had to try to get to London for a performance. Luckily, despite being 99% sold out and thanks to teaming up with an awesome bunch of girls, I have tickets to not one but two performances of my favourite play.

Hamlet by Zomai on DeviantArt
Photo Credit: Hamlet by Zomai on DeviantArt

So what started as a trip to my favourite city to see one of my favourite actors perform as my favourite character in my favourite play, has turned into a 4 week, 7 country, 13 city trip.

Not only am I heading to London to see Hamlet (at the Barbican, not The Globe sadly) but I am going to be ticking a couple things off my Bucket List – which is ALWAYS a great thing. Here are some of the things I am going to be able to say I’ve done come the end of my trip:

  • watch the Edinburgh Tattoo in Edinburgh – bagpipes! Hello!!!
  • get a birds eye view of London – from the Eye or Shard (neither of which I’ve done yet!)
  • visit Bruges, Belgium – inspired by a rather graphically violent movie, In Bruges, but the city looked amazing!
  • see the canals in Amsterdam – every time I see a photo of the canals they inspire me to want to go to Amsterdam
  • visit Nyhavn in Copenhagen – just looks so darn pretty!
  • go to Kronborg Castle, Denmark – inspiration behind Elsinore Castle in Hamlet
Kronborg Castle
Kronborg Castle, Denmark      Photo Credit: Curtis Perry on Flickr

I have pretty much locked in the dates and places that I’m travelling to and now all that is left is to actually decide what I am doing on each day in each place. Part of me loves the planning process but the other part hates the sleepless nights and stressing about how to fit everything I want to do into a 4 week period. This trip has been changed a few times, with things being added and things been taken out – York for example, decided not to go the weekend of the 9th annual tribute band music festival, Tribfest.

I’ve been to London a couple times and travelled a bit around the South of England but this will be my first time going anywhere north of London. Other than 3 days in Paris a few years ago, this is also the first time I’ll be in Europe. I’m pretty excited about it, but nervous at the same time. So without further adieu, here is the plan for my 4 week European Jaunt (ha! I love saying that)

* (T) = Transit, (D) = Day trip, (4) = number of nights

Brisbane > Singapore (T) > London (T) > Edinburgh (4) > Chester (1) > Llanfair­pwllgwyngyll­gogery­chwyrn­drobwll­llan­tysilio­gogo­goch > Hay-on-Wye > Cardiff (3) > Castle Combe > Bath > Warminster (1) > Stonehenge > Southampton > Gosport (1) > Brighton > London (7) > Bruge (1) > Brussels (1) > Cologne (2) > Amsterdam (2) > Hamburg (1) > Copenhagen (3) > Singapore (T) > Brisbane

20110417a Llanfair PG - 2
Welsh longest place name     Photo Credit: Neil Page on Flickr

Only about 125 sleeps to go! *not that I’m counting*

  • Have you got any travel plans for this year?
  • Have you visited any of the places on my itinerary?
  • Have you got any tips for me?


    • Thanks for that! I have heard that actually, I am thinking of maybe doing like a day trip out of Amsterdam so that I get to see a bit of the countryside.


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