The Year So Far…

Well another month has gone and this year seems to be going faster and faster. Does anyone else feel like they have accomplished nothing so far this year?

Since we are a quarter through the year I thought I would do a brief rundown of what this year has been like for me so far.


Amazing view can t quite capture on film what it w
Flying over the Southern Alps in New Zealand

I haven’t been doing any travel so far this year – work has gotten in the way. I work for a university so getting ready for first semester of 2015 has been busy and full on. We are only now starting to settle down before the end of the financial year & second semester hit in June/July.

I have a quick weekend at home in Christchurch and another in Sydney in May but other than those, I have been planning and finalising my trip to Europe in Aug/Sep – or as I like to call it: my ‘European Jaunt’. I definitely need to fly somewhere… soon! I don’t think people realise that once you have the bug you just have to go somewhere, anywhere to get that hit.

Social Media

My Instagram

I have really been trying to build up my audience on social media this year. It is a hard slog but I am slowly getting there. I have increased my Instagram followers from 134 as of 23rd January to currently 194 as of 31st March. As much as I don’t want social media to be about numbers, it really is. I mean you want people to like what you do so to have that reflected in the number of likes or followers you have is pretty awesome. I know there are people out there with thousands of followers, but I wanted to get to 200 followers on Instagram this year, so to be within sight of that is really exciting for me.

I’m on Facebook!

Facebook is another medium that I have been trying to build up. I am getting near the 200 mark on Facebook too, which again is exciting to me. Especially as my recent followers aren’t family and friend – it’s awesome to have their support though! My new thing with Facebook is to engage more, which I am not so much struggling with but I am finding challenging. It’s so hard to know which content to post, how often to post it and how to respond to comments.

Being Inspired

Carpe Diem'ed
Seizing the Day

There are loads of travel blogs and Instagram accounts out there and quite honestly, some of them just aren’t for me. However here are some that I’d kind of addiction to:

A Lady in London’s Instragram makes me want to jump on a plane right now and head back to London. Her blog is also rather brilliant, with tips from the best views in London to her random trips around London. A Lady in London really is a delight.

Lebackpacker on Instragram has some INSANE photos!!! Johan Lolos is originally from Belgium and has been travelling the world since 2013. He’s currently based in Wanaka, New Zealand and posts photos that make me incredibly proud to call myself a Kiwi – you really need to check out his Aurora Australis photos from earlier this month.

Pack Your Passport is a blog that I started following when Beverley was based in New Zealand. She is now back in her native England blogging about her travels and life. Beverley’s posts are honest, down to earth and really entertaining – oh and she is also where I got the idea to do this round up post – check out her Life Lately post.

A Dangerous Business was one of the first blogs I started following. Amanda’s tips and destination posts have really helped me over the last few years and I am now doing her travel blogging course, which I can definitely say has helped me a lot as I navigate through this crazy life we call travel blogging.

What’s Next?

New York City
  • Well I want to post on here more. I have another post in the editing stages at the moment, hoping to publish that in the next week.
  • I would like to keep increasing followers on both Instagram & Facebook – once I hit the 200 mark on each I will look at giving myself a new target.
  • Finalising my European Jaunt plans – can’t wait to get over there and start taking photos!
  • April’s theme on Instagram is going to be NYC so I’m pretty excited about posting those photos.
  • And of course work, work and more work!

What about you? How has your year been going so far? Got any travel plans coming up?

**Featured image is my most liked photo in March. It is of a sunset in Juneau, Alaska**

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