How do you choose?

A friend of mine who lives in NYC goes away every Thanksgiving.  She reasons “why waste a 4 day weekend in NYC?”.   In the last couple years she’s been to Istanbul and Lisbon, and this year it was Madrid’s turn.

It got me thinking. What ‘travel traditions’ do you have?

I like to go somewhere new every year.  Whether it be an overseas destination or something a little closer to home.


This year I went to Canterbury and Brighton in the UK.  They are two places I have wanted to go for a while so to cross them off my travel bucket list was pretty awesome. One year I flew to Melbourne, where I have been before but this time I added a day trip to the Great Ocean Road, another place I have always wanted to go.

Twelve Apostles
Me at the Twelve Apostles on the Great Ocean Rd

If you do travel, it doesn’t need to be a big overseas trip.  The same NYC friend has been systematically crossing off all the US States since she has been living in the States.  The writers of one of my favourite blogs, YTravelBlog, are currently in the middle of a 12 month trip around Australia.


I have a travel bucket list, which I am sure you’ve checked out! So I am trying quite hard to tick things off when I can.  Next year I will be going to a few new places and ticking things off my list as I go.

So I guess the question is how do you choose where to go?  Do you have a bucket list where you cross each place off? Do you throw a dart at a map? Do you look at the airfare specials and choose that way? Do you plan a road trip to end all road trips? Do you go to as many places as you can? Or do you tend to stay in one place and really explore it?

I don’t think there is a right or wrong why to travel.  Each person knows what works for them.  I think the important thing is that you are getting out into the world and seeing it.  Whether it be your own country (some of which are huge in their own right), off the beaten track, or the urban environment of a big city.

Whatever it is that gets you to where you are going…. Happy Travels 🙂

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