To Pin or Not to Pin…

Pinterest… why do we use it?  


– Some use it as a virtual pinboard – pinning anything & everything to it.
– Some use it to organise their lives, or at least pretend to!
– Some use it to get ideas for a specific reason, ie birthday party or vacation

Whatever the reason, Pinterest looks like it’s here to stay.

Personally I love it.

I have a personal account where I pin everything from things for my Bucket List to funny quotes; from art I love to lyrics of my favourite songs; from travel ideas to pictures of handsome British men (don’t tell me you don’t ladies!!).

I have created a more ‘businesslike’ one where it is simply all about travel. It’s a place for me to gather photos and info about the places I’ve been. Get information about the places I want to go; and those tips & tricks of travel that everyone should know.

So yeah if you have Pinterest and are interested, come follow me:

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