And this just in…

So I started a travel writing course with in September and I am really enjoying it.  One of my faculty advisors noticed I was from NZ and asked if I was interested in writing some points about being from NZ.. so I agreed and after a couple of emails back & forward, she loved my final cut and submitted it for publication approval on the website….

Well…. it has been published:

15 dead giveaways you’re from New Zealand

I have another one that has been accepted for publication, so will be keeping an eye out for that over the next few days too.

P.S. Yes I am totally gloating!!!


  1. Hey! First of all thanks for following my WordPress Site. However, I am in the process of moving mu stuffs from word press site to my own website at Hope to connect with you on that..
    Secondly, I have been thinking for quite sometime to do the travel writing course from Matador U and have been reading reviews and all. But, what can be better than asking a student right? So maybe a little help?
    (My Dream Travels)


    • Hi Aditi, I noticed you moving your blog and have followed your website.
      I have just started with MatU in the last month but so far and finding it really good. The staff are really constructive in there feedback and have really helped me to start to understand the writing process.
      If I have one criticism, it’s that they don’t get back to you in regards to your assignments very quickly. I know they currently have about 7000 students across the word so that might have something to do with it.
      Otherwise I really love it, and being able to connect to other students around the world has been great too.
      Looking forward to following your journey on your new website!

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      • Hi Sarah,
        Thank you for you lovely feedback and for sharing your MatU experience with me. Like I said, I have been wanting to enrol in their writing course for a while now and I guess I will do it now after getting the feedback from you.
        Yeah I guess with those many students, it must get really crazy for them to try and respond to everyone at a time. But, I guess its alright as far as they reply (sooner or later).
        Also, my main idea behind joining the course was the connecting part and of course learning more about the art of travel writing.
        So, I guess I will take my chances, trust your feedback, and take the course soon.
        Thank you again for following my website and for your time.
        Hope to connect with you on fb/twitter..


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